What is Quadergy?

Quadergy is a word we coined to mean the synergy of four.
We created it not on a whim, but out of the necessity to express something extraordinary:
the brilliance and beauty of the synergies that emerged from the uniting of our companies.
These companies did not come together by chance.
Each of them is an experienced and high-performing unit with specific expertise.
The four operational pillars they represent carry a greater dynamic charge when combined.
They connect to form a square - a shape possessing absolute stability, strength and beauty.
And the synergy generated by the pillars within the square gives us Quadergy.

Quadergy stands for:

innovation simplicity consistency efficiency

Within our synergy is an essential energy that drives everything we do.

Our four pillars

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Our Vision

Since I became the CEO of DSN in 2007, we have always been pursuing the same future vision: to build a global group that stands for outstanding innovation and simplicity, consistency and efficiency. It is this vision that led us to conduct a MBO in 2013, followed by several acquisitions and the creation of Brand Quadergy in 2014. We are now on the brink of fulfilling our dream.
Wim Demeestere CEO

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